Mediation Services

Personal Injury Mediation and Arbitration

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Negotiation or litigation of personal injury claims is an adversarial process. Each side tries to gain advantage by presenting evidence and testimony that is damaging to the other side’s case. The process can drag out for months or years, and at trial there is no guarantee of favorable results.

In addition to negotiated settlement and trial representation, the Winchester, Kentucky law firm provides mediation services and arbitration to accident victims and to out-of-state attorneys representing clients who were injured in Kentucky.

We have mediated or arbitrated claims over:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability injuries
  • Commercial litigation
  • Other plaintiff and defense matters

Over 30 Years of Experience in Personal Injury

We offer 21 years of practice as a personal injury lawyer, having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a range of civil litigation issues. We also have a master’s degree and extensive background in physical and vocational rehabilitation for people with severe disabilities. As a mediator, these experiences enable us to view personal injury from these divergent perspectives to help parties find a middle ground without the threat of litigation.

Mediation Services

In mediation, we act as a neutral third party to help resolve injury compensation claims and insurance disputes out of court. Mediation is non-binding. An agreement takes effect only when all parties have signed it.

Arbitration Services

Occasionally, plaintiffs and defendants want to avoid the length and expense of a trial, but want someone else to make a decision. Arbitration becomes binding at the front end, when both parties sign agreements to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling. Our background makes me uniquely qualified to consider medical evidence and applicable laws of Kentucky, and reach a fair conclusion.

For more information about mediation services, contact our firm, or describe your situation using our online form. In your free consultation, we can explain the process and advise whether alternative dispute resolution makes sense for your case.