Brain Injury

Head Trauma and TBI Attorney

If a family member suffered a traumatic brain injury, or you suspect brain damage resulting from a motor vehicle accident, the Winchester, Kentucky, law firm has the medical knowledge and litigation experience to pursue the maximum compensation possible. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. Serving clients throughout central Kentucky and eastern Kentucky, we respond promptly to all inquiries.

Kentucky Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

We apply over 30 years of medical and legal experience in pursuing damages for brain injury victims. Our background includes 12 years as a rehabilitation counselor and trainer, and 21 years representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury lawsuits. As such, we have a deep understanding of the causes of traumatic brain injuries and the multitude of effects.

Brain injury occurs in many ways and manifests differently in each individual:

  • A head-on auto accident may result in the head striking the windshield, damaging the frontal lobe of the brain.
  • A side-impact crash bangs the head off the window, often injuring the temporal lobe.
  • In a rear-end collision, the whipsawing of the head and neck can result in a contra coup injury, literally bouncing the brain off the other end of the skull.
  • In a motorcycle accident, the rider’s head often strikes the other vehicle or slams against the pavement, resulting in a range of brain injuries.

Compensation For TBI Accidents

Most people recover fully from a minor insult to the brain, but a traumatic brain injury causes irreversible damage to brain tissues. In some cases, other parts of the brain take over those functions, but typically victims suffer permanent effects. Not all brain injuries are revealed through medical tests such as CT scans. In preparing a claim or lawsuit for damages, we rely on family members, physical therapists, neurologists, and psychiatrists to document symptoms, including:

  • Aphasia / dysphasia (loss of speech)
  • Short-term memory loss, or amnesia
  • Dizziness, vertigo, and balance issues
  • Loss of motor function, or paralysis
  • Confusion / difficulty concentrating
  • Vision loss or impairment
  • Chronic headache or nausea
  • Personality changes and mood swings

We are committed to improving life for clients and helping them move forward after the accident. We can prepare a life care plan for the victim that accounts for future medical care and equipment, replacement of lost earning potential, vocational rehabilitation, physical therapy, home care, and other needs. In presenting the case to a jury or an insurance settlement conference, we can assemble a Day in the Life video showing the client’s former life, daily struggles, and progress. This powerful tool demonstrates both the life-changing effects of a traumatic brain injury and the client’s will to get better.

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