Practice Areas

Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

At the law firm, you have direct access to an experienced lawyer who is uniquely qualified to determine your needs and secure damages from the accountable parties. In mediation, negotiated settlement, and jury trials, we have obtained the compensation our clients rightfully deserve.

With 21 years of legal experience, we represent people injured in central Kentucky and eastern Kentucky. Contact our office for a free consultation abd for a prompt response from a personal injury attorney dedicated to your physical, financial, and personal recovery.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents — We have extensive knowledge of motorcycles, the consequences of accidents, the medical aspects, insurance issues, and public’s bias. We ride, We care, and We understand.
  • Auto accidents — When another driver’s negligence causes personal injury, we have the experience and determination to secure the maximum compensation for our clients.
  • Truck accidents — Driver error and trucking company negligence are the causes of many truck-against-car crashes. I actively and thoroughly investigate to show liability and collect damages.

Dangerous Premises

Our law firm have secured damages for victims of slips, trips, falls, and other premises liability accidents. We investigate promptly to show that property owners failed in their duty to protect the public from hazards.

Catastrophic Injuries and Fatal Accidents

We helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives and return to the workforce. Our extensive knowledge of permanent and life-altering injuries can work to your advantage in personal injury claims:

  • Spinal Injury — Broken vertebrae in the neck and back, spinal cord damage and paralysis, nerve damage and loss of function
  • Brain Injury — Traumatic brain injury is common result of car, truck and motorcycle accidents, requiring years or a lifetime of therapy and care
  • Musculoskeletal Injury — We secure compensation for loss of limb and broken bones, as well as subtle injuries to muscles, nerves and connective tissues that leave people with severe disability.
  • Wrongful Death — We help surviving family members seek damages for the tangible financial impact, as well as compensation for the emotional loss of a loved one killed by negligence.

We welcome victims and their families to a free consultation, including evening and weekend appointments.