Each year we host the Ride 'Em, Don't Hide 'Em Cafe Run at a cafe near the office. We invite anyone with an interesting bike, a Euro bike,an old bike, a "cafe" bike (in the English, mid-60's sense of the term, but any year, any make is included) and similar machines to gather for ride in the country. Several routes are given, with the idea being to show up at the next cafe, two counties away, sometime around lunch. There are no rules, no timetables, no prizes and no structured group rides. It's just a chance for riders of like mind to get together.

We get a variety of bikes, like this cafe customized airhead BMW.

Modern Triumph meets older boxer Beemer.

At the other end, the Triumphs, new generation and old, line up together.

1958 Ariel Red Hunter at the Cafe Run

Grandson Ian shows off his stuff.

Ian and Stuart, my grandsons, getting used to the courthouse!

Sometimes I try two wheels without an engine, here on the Virginia Creeper Trail near Abingdon, Virginia.

My wife Brenda on the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the rain as usual. She says it's not a vacation if we're not cold and/or wet!

Ian and Stuart picking pumpkins with Grandpa.

Here's some photos of me providing "motorcycle ferry service" for participants in a recent Susan G. Komen Cancer Run in Lexington. I and some friends of mine picked up the cancer survivors at a parking lot and ferried them to the starting area of the Run. It was before daylight and pouring rain, but as one participant put it, "I've survived cancer...I'm not going to let a little rain stop me."

Vintage Observed Trials riding at Mid-Ohio event.

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